Why Crowdsourcing?

Business leaders believe that their stakeholders -- consumers, employees and influencers -- have valuable insights, and crowdsourcing people’s insights are one of the main drivers for leading innovation and change.

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Why People’s Lab?

People’s Lab is MSLGROUP’s proprietary crowdsourcing platform and approach that helps organizations tap into people’s insight for innovation, storytelling and change.

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Future of Business Citizenship

We surveyed 8,000 young people in 17 countries on citizenship, to understand what they value as individuals and what they expect from business.

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People’s Lab Case Studies

Innovation Challenge Network: Chicco Artsana - Nataieri 

Chicco Artsana & MSLITALIA used the People's Lab platform to create a Nataieri.it, an open digital community with moderated access where 100+ parents discuss issues in bringing up children and sharing their experiences.

Research & Insights Network: P&G Asia - Thank You Mom

P&G Asia and MSL Singapore used the People’s Lab platform to create a Social Media Regional Center, a secure, private community where 100+ P&G stakeholders and agency partners shared content and best practices for the “Thank You, Mom” campaign at the London 2012 Olympics.

Contest & Activation Network: Dell Go Green Challenge

Dell India used an early version of the People’s Lab platform to create a challenge for design students and others to share ideas on how to redesign, reuse and recycle gadgets to make them go green.

Expertise Request Network: MSLGROUP Crisis Network

MSLGROUP Crisis Network consists of 50+ MSLGROUP crisis experts across industries and geographies, who tap into each others’ insights in real time to help clients plan for and respond to crisis situations.

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We share our People’s Insights magazines and monthly briefs to inspire more engaging campaigns, and to help clients navigate the complexities of the conversation age.

Monthly Brief: June + July (Good is Great) (Slideshare)

Magazine: The Future of Reputation (Slideshare, Visual.ly)

Monthly Brief: April + May (Slideshare)

Magazine: The Future of Employee (Re)Engagement (Slideshare / Scribd)

Magazine: The Future of Money
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Special Report: Now & Next: Future of Engagement (Slideshare / Kindle eBook / iPad app )


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Introducing Power of We – the September issue of our People’s Insights monthly briefs

We are the ones we have been waiting for. From crowdsourcing and co-creation to social change and new peer-to-peer systems, people are at the heart of most initiatives and campaigns today. In this issue of the People’s Insights monthly briefs, we celebrate the power of people with six recent initiatives, apps and campaigns that showcase, […]

Freelancers Union

This post is part of the People’s Insights monthly brief for August. The Collaborative Economy or the Sharing Economy is a relatively young socio-economic system built around the sharing of human and physical resources. This is a complex and diverse market known for its big names – Airbnb, Uber, Elance-Odesk, TaskRabbit, Postmates, Fiverr, Kiva and […]

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

This post is part of the People’s Insights monthly brief for August. Over the last few weeks, countless individuals, billionaires, former presidents and celebrities have posted videos of dousing themselves with ice water, helping make the ALS Ice Bucket challenge a viral phenomenon. Despite the criticism, it’s not just fun and jokes – the challenge […]

Cheerios: #HOWTODAD

This post is part of the People’s Insights monthly brief for August. Watch the Video: New Peanut Butter Cheerios presents: #HowToDad Cheerios’ new commercial in Canada #HowtoDad earned the goodwill of fathers with its positive and realistic portrayal of their role in the family. The ad is part of a broader web-based campaign by Cheerios, […]