15 Tips for PR professionals to Unlock the Creativity in PR

By Nidhi Makhija-Chimnani, Director – Research & Insights, MSLGROUP 

Creativity in the world of PR is not, by any means, beyond our reach. In The Future of Creativity, our experts point to a future where creativity is a natural evolution of our role as storytellers. We are already embracing the other challenges that disintermediation and the digital revolution are throwing at us. Why not this one?

So how do we unlock this creativity that is inherent to what we are already doing?

Here are 15 tips, based on the essays featured in this magazine and Maurice Lévy’s recent lecture at the Berlin School of Creative Leadership.

  1. Be Present. You can’t win if you don’t even try. Don’t checkmate yourself.
  2. Be Open. Things are changing. Embrace change and new approaches.
  3. Be Curious. Keep learning, from your own industry and other industries; your inspiration  can come from anywhere. And keep asking questions about the project at hand until you’ve uncovered enough to fuel your idea.
  4. Be Alert. Sparks of ideas and trends are all around us. Become bloody quick at making connections and acting on them.
  5. Be Pioneering. The ideas and approaches you need to come up with probably haven’t been done before. Present them anyway.
  6. Be Presumptuous. You don’t always have to wait for the brief. Share your ideas and solutions, even when none were asked for.
  7. Be Daring. Have the courage to take risks and dream big.
  8. Be Different. Push yourself beyond dull, beyond ordinary. Strive for extraordinary.
  9. Be Agile. Change requires new ways of doing things. Work around the way things are to get to the way things should be.
  10. Be Inventive. If you can’t find solutions, make them. But remember, you will need to sell them too.
  11. Be Confident. Raise your hand, share your thoughts, stand by your idea. If you believe in yourself, others will too.
  12. Be Persistent. Navigate through the feedback. Learn when to stick to your original idea and when to shape it along the way.
  13. Be Human. Great stories need to relate to people. Preserve the emotional connect throughout the story. This is what advertising does best, and where PR was found lacking at Cannes.
  14. Be Respectful. We are experimenting with new technology, data and communications in a diverse connected world. Respect the people you are engaging with. Make sure it shows.
  15. Be Proud. Talk about your creative work. Publicize it.

The one thing this industry needs more than anything else is good PR about its creative success

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This post is a part of our People’s Insights report The Future of Creativity, in which experts from MSLGROUP and some from Publicis Groupe identify 15 drivers for engaging creatively in 2015.

The Future of Creativity – People’s Insights by MSLGROUP

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