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It is said that every Brazilian is born with a soccer ball at their feet. To drum up excitement around the unveiling of the official match-ball of the 2014 FIFA World Cup, adidas brought this local proverb to life.

Eu sou brazuca / I am brazuca

In 2013, Brazilians voted to name the official match-ball of the 2014 FIFA World Cub brazuca – which is a slang word that Brazilians use for national pride. To play on this pride and the passion Brazilians have for football, adidas launched the guerrilla campaign Eu sou brazuca.

With the help of Espalhe MSLGROUP, adidas simulated a nursery place in Brazil’s largest maternity hospital, Amparo. Each crib was pre-equipped with a brazuca ball, waiting to be gifted to every baby that shared its birthday – December 3rd. 28 balls were handed out to the 28 babies born in the ward that day.

Brazilian footballer Osvaldo made an appearance as well and delivered the balls to the first few brazuca babies in person.

Watch the video: The World Cup & adidas Brazuca Babies

Building buzz through radio and social media

adidas partnered with nine radio stations to reach out to new parents with babies born on December 3rd, to let them know that they could receive brazuca balls. On Twitter, influencers including @andreeferrari, @EuNunnca, and @whoiscarlos contributed to the buzz, tweeting: “Do you know any baby born today? He is a baby brazuca and can win a #brazuca!”  Brazuca 3Capture

The buzz ensured that  parents heard about the giveaway. A total of 392 brazucas were delivered to new-borns in 88 cities across Brazil over the next few days.

The buzz also gathered plenty of attention to the launch of the new match-ball. #Brazuca trended on Twitter five hours before the unveiling took place. The buzz led to coverage in news channels and over 100 media stories in over 20 countries, reaching an estimated 6 million people.

The unconventional approach helped adidas create a bond with not just male audiences but the whole family, and ensured that adidas stood out in a World Cup saturated market.

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