Bald Cartoons

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By Akanksha Maker, Senior Account Executive, MSLGROUP in India

A child with cancer deserves to be seen as any other child.

Why? Because they are like any other child. However, children battling this disease don’t often see people like them in the news and media. And, their bald heads usually attract stares from passers-by, which only makes it more difficult for them to sustain their spirit.

In an effort to bring about a change in perception towards these children, and to help them feel more normal, Brazilian non-profit GRAACC organized the project “Bald Cartoons.”

What is Bald Cartoons?

The Bald Cartoons project took place in November 2013 with local Brazilian cartoons going bald, and was amplified in April when 40 international cartoons followed suit. Cartoon characters including Snoopy, Popeye, Garfield and Hello Kitty shaved their heads to encourage these children to feel like any other kid.

On National Childhood Cancer Day, GRAACC invited children from the GRAACC Hospital to view some of the cartoons who went bald to support them. Their reactions were priceless. 

Watch the Video:Bald Cartoons- GRAACC Brazil

Bald is Beautiful, too

While we all search for reflections of ourselves in popular culture, for these children it isn’t that easy. This simple but effective campaign effortlessly put a smile on their face & made them feel that they aren’t so alone in the world, after all.

The children felt emboldened to bare their heads:

“I thought that if I took my hat off at school people would laugh, but now I don’t feel that anymore.”

Some even felt hope for a broader change:

“I think it will be more normal to see a bald child. Because everyone will see on TV, everyone in Brazil will see on TV.”

In addition to seeing the bald cartoons on TV, children could also collect posters of the participating cartoon characters on, share them on social media and use them as their social media profile photos. The website also invited other cartoons and studios to join the movement.

 Power of the idea

In addition to encouraging international cartoons to join the movement, and bringing a smile to children’s faces, the campaign also did wonders across social media.

GRAACC’s website received 120,000 visits and its community on Facebook doubled. The campaign reached 120 million people- including the president of Brazil Dilma Rouseff.


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