Bluesmart: #SmartTravel

Beyond fitness and mHealth, we’re also seeing innovation in the space of travel.

With more and more people travelling the world, there will soon be the need for travel accessories that are connected, smart and make getting from one place to the other more convenient.

Silicon Valley-based technology company Bluesmart was founded in 2013 with that goal – making connected travel products for the modern traveler.

Enter the Bluesmart suitcase, the world’s first connected carry-on that’s poised to revolutionize travel as we know it.


Video: How Bluesmart works

Reimagined for the Connected Generation

Bluesmart is a first in luggage innovation in decades, and it doesn’t disappoint.

The suitcase is controlled by your smartphone, and has features that enable you to perform activities like locking it, weighing it, locating it in a crowd – and more – all from your phone. It also has a built-in battery that can charge a smartphone as many as six times.

One of its biggest advantages is the scale – which allows you to weigh the bag and helps you control whether or not you pay an extra baggage fee (#nomoresurprises!). The founders say it works with 90% accuracy, with potential for more fine-tuning.

Why Bluesmart is Getting it Right

  • More travelers = more travel products: More people are travelling from one part of the world to the other. According to a World Tourism Organization report, international tourist arrivals grew by 5% in 2013, with an additional 52 million international tourists travelling the world.
  • The demand for wearables is increasing: Wearable technology is becoming more seamless and accessible. In 2013, about 1.23 million smartwatches alone were shipped worldwide, and the number is expected to hit 25 million by the end of 2015.

Launched at Y Combinator, Bluesmart is already proving to be a popular idea – it raised over $2 million on crowdfunding website Indiegogo. A clear indication of the demand for smarter luggage.

The company is also working on developing smartwatches that can be used to operate the carry-on. And hopefully – more connected travel products.

This post is a part of our monthly People’s Insights brief for March – Part 1: The Mobile & Wearable Web




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Melanie Joe

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