Case Study: Leveraging data to solve everyday challenges

By Pawel Kocon, PR Manager, MSLGROUP Poland

Analyzing pools of data and gleaning insights from it to help clients in their communications is an everyday effort for agency professionals. It’s equally beneficial though, to leverage this data study within the agency structure. That’s what MSLGROUP’s Warsaw office did, in an attempt to offer a solution to one of the city’s most pressing challenges.

MSLGROUP’s Warsaw office is located in the heart of the biggest business districts in the city, colloquially called Mordor. The office is located such that it has a view of the busy intersection of the city. Mordor’s main street, Domaniewska, is often congested, mostly during the post-office rush hour. It had been observed that several employees, in an attempt to escape the rush-hour traffic, stayed back at the office, unsure of how severely their commute back home would be affected. Some of the biggest agencies in the industry have their offices in Mordor, and the traffic situation has been a problem for several employees across agencies.

The strategic location of the office – with a clear view of the busy street – presented MSLGROUP Warsaw an opportunity to tap into the problem in real-time. This is where the idea to live stream the street – right from the office windows – came from. This enables everyone working in this area, or even those visiting it for a short while, to check the ‘status’ of the main Mordor street and avoid its notorious traffic jams, by visiting this website:



Street view of Mordor from MSLGROUP Warsaw

The initial feedback – from experts and employees – has been positive. The link to the website was shared on social networks, and in just a few hours after its launch, the website was visited by almost 5000 unique users who generated more than 7500 views.

Also imperative to the idea was combining the website with MSLGROUP Warsaw’s new digital newsroom. This tool changes the classic press office into an information center dedicated to the current scope of affairs of the company or brand.

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