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Watch the Video: New Peanut Butter Cheerios presents: #HowToDad

Cheerios’ new commercial in Canada #HowtoDad earned the goodwill of fathers with its positive and realistic portrayal of their role in the family.

The ad is part of a broader web-based campaign by Cheerios, and the video received over one million views on YouTube in just one month.

The idea and execution definitely stand out, and we’re looking forward to the development of deeper engagement with this audience.

A Fresh Portrayal of ‘Dadhood’

Time and again, dads have been portrayed as disengaged or lazy parents in commercials and TV series. The Cheerios ad captures a more realistic side of fathers – in a quick fun video.

The video follows a dad as he bounces around the house and talks the wonders of dadhood – which involves playing different roles like that of helper and enforcer. He is energetic, positive and quite diligent in taking care of his wife and kids.

The product placement comes prominently at the end, but doesn’t take away from the video’s key message that Dads are Awesome:

“Because being a dad is awesome, just like new Peanut Butter Cheerios are awesome. And that’s why it’s the official cereal of dadhood. And this, my friends, this is #HowToDad.” 

Potential ‘Idea Ecosystem ‘

#HowtoDad has got many dads talking, and complimenting the brand. The idea definitely has potential to become something bigger. As Digiday blogger Curtis Silver wrote:

“If it aims to do what Dove did for women with its viral “Real Beauty,” it might have hit the mark.”

So far, the idea extends to Tumblr, where Cheerios has shared fun infographics and Dad-memes.


Rise of (campaigns around) the Dads

In recent times, there have been a lot of campaigns like Thank You Mom and World’s Toughest Job which focus solely on Moms. In fact, many brands have even portrayed dads negatively. Against this backdrop, many influencers and parent bloggers think that it is refreshing to see an ad like #HowToDad.

Christopher A. Brown the President of National Fatherhood Initiative explains why he thinks it’s high time dads were portrayed this way:

“This campaign reflects the growing influence of dads as moms’ partners in raising children in all aspects of domestic life. Dads have taken on a steadily increasing share of the parenting load in recent decades. Dads spend more time than ever with their children generally, grocery and retail shopping for the family, and doing housework (e.g. cooking and cleaning). Dads are also more focused than ever on the desire to balance work and family. Indeed, they’re often more conflicted than moms in this regard.”

In addition to dads, mums too responded well to the #HowtoDad campaign, on various platforms including Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. According to the Social Media Analytics firm Topsy, there were over 3,700 tweets on #HowToDad in the last 30 days, with a ‘positive sentiment’ score of 82%.

Cheerios 4

Other great examples of dadvertising include#RealDadMoments by Dove Men, Power of Dad by Oral-B and Daughters by Tide.

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