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Peru is ranked first in economic growth in Latin America, but is as low as 16th on the happiness index. To make Peru a happier nation and to bring a smile to Peruvians’ faces, Coca Cola launched Happy ID.

What is Happy ID / DNI Feliz?

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The project was launched based on a fun insight – even through Peru is one of the few countries that allow people to smile on their National ID cards, Peruvians still have gloomy pictures on their IDs.

Coca-Cola’s objective was to make happiness a part of the Peruvian identity, by making Peruvians smile in their ID photos.  After an approval from the Peruvian government, Coca-Cola set up free photo booths across the country that would only take your picture if you smiled. It even partnered with photography stores close to the National ID Registration Office to give out free Cokes for every smiling photo taken.

In addition, Coca-Cola created a database of its “Happy ID” holders, and rewarded them with special offers from its partner brands.

An effective activation

The campaign resonated with people and went viral. It was shared more 1.3 million times on social networks and generated free press worth $300 million. 45,000 IDs made by the Peruvian government in the first month of the campaign were Happy IDs – a whopping 90% of all IDs created that month!

A fully integrated campaign

With the use of photo booths, vending machines, radio, TV, Billboards, social media and internet advertisements Happy ID is a perfect example of a fully integrated campaign. The campaign was also supported by local celebrities who were hired as campaign ambassadors.

The campaign won the Grand Prix in the media category at Cannes 2014. The media jury president and CEO of IPG Mediabrands, Matt Seiler said:

“It was not a digital idea, an ambient idea and not an out-of-home idea. It was all of the above. It also used a very unusual channel [the government].”

The campaign also won a Golden EFFIE, a top advertising prize in Peru and a Gold Award in the media category at El Sol Festival of Bilbao.

Aligned with the brand position: Sharing happiness

Coca-Cola has always strived to make a difference in people’s lives and communities under its band proposition of sharing happiness. The Happy ID project is the latest in a string of campaigns that have delighted people with their simple concepts and thorough executions.


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    Coca-Cola created a local movement for good, through its Happy ID project in Peru #Happiness

  2. MSLGROUP Peoples Lab (@PeoplesLab)

    Coca-Cola makes happiness a part of the Peruvian identity, through its Happy ID project #happiness

  3. MSLGROUP Peoples Lab (@PeoplesLab)

    Coca-Cola Happy ID project made Peru a happier nation by bringing a smile to the Peruvians’ faces #Happiness


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