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The international financial crisis hit Italy in a big way, and was especially unkind to small businesses. At a time when around 1600 small businesses were closing down every day, affordable car manufacturer Dacia decided to step in and offer some much needed support, and also help establish its ‘value’ platform.

Dacia offered to share some of its benefits as the main sponsor of Italian football club Udinise Calcio with three small businesses giving each the highly visible position of sponsor during three Serie A matches.

*Disclaimer: Publicis Consultants Italia worked on this campaign

What is Sponsor Day?

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Dacia launched Sponsor Day as an online contest for small businesses and asked them to share how they weathered the crisis. Three of the best stories would be given the opportunity of a lifetime to appear as an official Udinese sponsor during an official Serie A game.

As sponsors, the winners’ names would appear on Udinise’s jersey and on billboards around the football ground, helping the small business reach people at the stadium as well as audiences following on TV, social media and print publications. The winners would also get tickets to enjoy the match from the stadium.

4,327 small businesses applied to be sponsors. The three winners were a painter, owner of a local bicycle shop and the owner of a restaurant.

Everyone’s a winner

Watch their stories: Renault Dacia “Sponsor Days”

All 4,327 participants benefited from exposure online as their stories were featured on social media platforms. The three winners benefited from on-ground advertising, press events alongside Udinese players, and media and social media coverage.

Thanks to the campaign, everyone was a winner.Sponsor Day sparked 122 million media impressions, obtained coverage in 95% of Italian TV and press channels and generated over 700 news stories. The small business owners reached an estimated 7 million people on TV.  Dacia benefited from buzz on social media, with a 50% increase in Facebook fans, 30% increase in Twitter followers and a position among the top trending topics in Italy with #sponsordays. Publicis Consultants Italia won a Silver PR Lion at the Cannes International Festival of Creativity.

And, the cherry on the top for Dacia – 4,000 cars were ordered in the course of the campaign.

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    Dacia gave small businesses an opportunity of a lifetime through its campaign Sponsor Day http://t.co/NNDhEKmt1u #sponsordays @daciaitalia

  2. MSLGROUP Peoples Lab (@PeoplesLab)

    Dacia gave small businesses an opportunity to become an official Udinese sponsor for a Serie A game http://t.co/NNDhEKmt1u #sponsordays


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