Fed Up

Obesity and diabetes rates continue to increase globally. According to WHO, 1.4 billion adults (2008) and 42 million children (2013) are overweight or obese, and 347 million people worldwide have diabetes (2011).

Anti-obesity programs launched by governments and the food & fitness industries usually revolve around eating less or moving more. A new documentary, Fed Up, argues that the problem lies in what people are eating and targets sugar consumption.

Fed Up makes a dramatic impression, throwing facts, numbers and simple-to-understand visuals at audiences. It also features prominent figures – the executive producers are American TV host Katie Couric (who also narrates the film) and Laurie David who also produced An Inconvenient Truth. The film also includes a brief interview with Bill Clinton.

The trailer has received 5 million views on YouTube; and 90,000 likes, 960,000 shares and 15,000 comments on Facebook. It has received high ratings on IMDB and Amazon, and conversations around the film on social media reveal that it’s making people scrutinize the sugar content of the food they’re consuming. On the documentary’s website itself, 55,000 people have pledged to go sugar free for 10 days.

LA Weekly’s Amy Nicholson predicts that “Fed Up is poised to be the Inconvenient Truth of the health movement.

Watch the trailer

Fed Up


This post is a part of our December monthly brief: Trends for 2015 – “Eat less. Move more.” gets replaced with “Eat different.”

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