We are delighted to share our report titled Now & Next: Future of Engagement. The report highlights the ten most important frontiers that will define the future of engagement for marketers, entrepreneurs and changemakers.


by Olivier Fleurot, CEO, MSLGROUP


by Pascal Beucler, SVP & Chief Strategy Officer, MSLGROUP

Executive Summary 

by Gaurav Mishra, Asia VP of Insights, Innovation & Social, MSLGROUP
by Nidhi Makhija, Manager-Insights, MSLGROUP

Now & Next: Future of Engagement (Slideshare, Kindle eBook

Individual chapters: Ten Frontiers for the Future of Engagement

#1 Crowdfunding (blog | Slideshare)

Inspiring people to collectively fund projects they are passionate about and help bring them to life.

1 Crowdfunding - Future of Engagement

#2 Behavior Change Games (blog | Slideshare)

Using game design technique and the power of communities to motivate people to achieve challenging tasks in the real world.

2 Behavior Change Games - Future of Engagement

#3 Collaborative Social Innovation (blog Slideshare)

Synthesizing community contributions to co-create innovative and sustainable solutions around a shared purpose.

3 Collaborative Social Innovation - Future of Engagement

#4 Grassroots Change Movements (blog Slideshare)

Inspiring people to act as change agents in a way that their actions can be aggregated or coordinated, leading to significant impact and meaningful change.

4 Grassroots Change Movements- Future of Engagement

#5 Co-creation Communities (blog Slideshare)

Synthesizing community contributions to create new artifacts including books, movies, music, art, software, products and solutions.

5 cocreation Communities - Future of Engagement

#6 Social Curation (blog Slideshare)

Aggregating, organizing and sharing content created by others to add context, narrative and meaning to it.

6 Social Curation - Future of Engagement

#7 Transmedia Storytelling (blog Slideshare)

Sharing interlocking parts of a storyworld on different media channels to create an immersive experience and drive participation, action and loyalty.

7 Transmedia Storytelling - Future of Engagement

#8 Collective Intelligence (blog Slideshare)

Synthesizing search, social and sensor data streams into insights about our behaviors in relation to relevant others to guide smarter actions.

8 Collective Intelligence - Future of Engagement

#9 Social Live Experiences (blog Slideshare)

Blending technology, community and location to create immersive experiences that blur the boundaries between online and offline.

9 Social Live Experiences - Future of Engagement

#10 Collaborative Consumption (blog Slideshare)

Using technology and community to enable people to share, sell, rent, swap, barter and gift spaces, products, services and experiences.

10 Collaborative Consumption - Future of Engagement

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