We are delighted to share our latest People’s Insights Quarterly Magazine, titled “The Future of Reputation.”

In this issue, our reputation management experts in France, Brazil, the US, UK, Germany, India, the Netherlands, China and Poland, explore the evolving definition of reputation, how it can be protected, and how its sustainability can be assured for the future.

Executive Summary

by Pascal Beucler, Chief Strategy Officer, MSLGROUP

Reputation Journey: The Now & The Next

The Reputation Journey: What we can learn from the financial services crisis
by Olivier Fleurot, CEO, MSLGROUP

The Reputation Complex: Seeking Sustainability in a Liquid World
by Pascal Beucler, SVP & Chief Strategy Officer, MSLGROUP

Reputation and Corporate Image Today
by Paulo Andreoli, Chairman, Latin America, MSLGROUP

Today’s Stakeholders: Demanding, but open to collaboration

Your Corporate & Brand Reputation is Now in the Hands of Millennials
by Scott Beaudoin, Global Practice Director, Corporate & Brand Citizenship, MSLGROUP

The Future of Reputation is about Building from the Inside Out
by Jason Frank and Brian Burgess, Global Practice Co-leaders, Employee, MSLGROUP

Reputation Building by Influencer Collaboration
by Martin Dohmen, EMEA Director, Corporate & Brand Citizenship/PurPle, and Chief Strategy Officer, MSL Germany

Reputation Management: From Risk Mitigation to Competitive Advantage

From Ignition to Recovery – The Components of Today’s Crises
by Nidhi Makhija, Senior Manager – Insights, MSLGROUP

How to Manage Your Reputation in the Social Age
by Merrill Freund, MD, San Francisco, MSLGROUP

Tap into Big Data – The Transcript of your Reputation
by Frederike den Ottelander, Head of Digital & Social, Netherlands, MSLGROUP

The Evolving Role of the Board in Reputation Management
by Brad Wilks, MD, Midwest, North America, MSLGROUP

Perspectives: Reputation Around the Globe

France: Social Performance Comes First
by Fabrice Fries, President, France, MSLGROUP

China: Facing the Challenges of a Low-Trust Society
by Par Uhlin, MD, MSLGROUP in Hong Kong and Vice Chair, MSLGROUP China

India: The awakening
by Jaideep Shergill, CEO, India, MSLGROUP

Poland: Invaluable Reputation – Protects, Motivates, Sells!
by Katarzyna Stamatel, Head of Law & Consulting, Poland, MSLGROUP

Magazine: The Future of Reputation (Scribd, Slideshare)


Infographic: The Future of Reputation

The Future of Reputation