the People's
Insights series

People’s Insights is a collection of inspiring initiatives, insights and foresights shared by MSLGROUP’s SPRINTers – our global team of 100+ strategic planners, researchers and insights experts.

People’s Insights covers the latest trends in engagement on both the consumer and corporate side. Our original insights and foresights – from experts at MSLGROUP and beyond – are shared in our insights reports. We share these online, on our social platforms and distribute freely to inspire more engaging campaigns.

The People’s Insights series crossed 1 million views in 2013 and has reached audiences across 22 countries.

Our Insights Reports Include:

A Chance for Change
The Tipping Point for Sustainable Business

Data In. Data Out.
Transforming Big Data into Smart Ideas

The Future of Creativity
15 Drivers to Engage Creatively in 2015

The Future of Business Citizenship
our survey of 8,000 millennials in 17 countries

The Future of Reputation
The Evolution of Reputation in the Digital Age

Find out more about People’s Insights on our website or on Twitter (@PeoplesLab).