The Fourth
Revolution: New
World, New Rules

Steve Bryant
Director,Food & Beverage
Marketing; Managing Director,


The Fourth Industrial Revolution is in its infancy, yet it is already disrupting the historically stable food and beverage business. Big Food companies that once appeared on a steady march toward industry domination are starting to look like slow-moving dinosaurs.

Now, innovative upstarts are winning through rapid innovation that benefits from eager investors and a democratized internet that can rapidly popularize a new food or drink.

Within a decade, the sector will be radically transformed on a global scale. Emerging megatrends point to several promising innovation pathways.

There are 3 especially relevant ways food producers can innovate to enhance their market value

If one revolution memorialized the phrase “let them eat cake,” then this revolution will require cake that’s packaged to go, finely tailored to the very latest tastes, and served with complete disclosure.

Share of Mouth: A given food or beverage’s success in being consumed at relevant eating occasions, relative to competing choices.

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