IKEA’s Wireless Charging Furniture

Mobile phones have not only taken over most aspects of our lives, they’re also changing how the world innovates – innovation to make the usage of mobile phones more seamless and integrated into our daily lives.

This is no more evident than in IKEA’s latest range of furniture with wireless charging. They do exactly what the name suggests – charge your phone without the need for external wires or cables.

With a range of tables, lamps, desks and standalone charging pads, this new series is IKEA’s attempt at creating perhaps the ultimate connected home.


What IKEA offers

Made with inbuilt wireless charging spots, each of the items in the range have a plus sign onto which the mobile phone can be placed for charging. The furniture still needs to be connected to a wall socket and isn’t completely wireless in the true sense, but it does eliminate the need for clunky cables for the mobile phones themselves.

The mobile phones need to be compatible with the Qi wireless charging standard to be able to make use of the charging pads. Most smartphones these days come with an inbuilt compatibility to this technology.

Integrating Aesthetics With Technology

While IKEA isn’t the first company to make wireless charging products, its entry into the segment may change how the concept of wireless charging is viewed. With its globally acclaimed sense of design and powerful reach, IKEA could leverage this technology to make it a fixture in homes worldwide.

It could also come in handy in commercial settings – malls, coffee shops, restaurants – which look to increasing the quality of customer service.

Although there’s lots of room for this technology to develop, it’s a step towards making the mobile experience more seamless than it is now. People love staying connected to their devices, and furniture that blends with mobile phones to offer effortless connectivity could prove to be popular.


This post is a part of our monthly People’s Insights brief for April – Part 2: The Mobile & Wearable Web

Melanie Joe

Melanie Joe

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