Inspiring Innovations

As we welcome 2015 and with it possibilities for a new era of marketing communications, a few questions become more relevant today than ever before:

  • What is the next big idea that can redefine brand-consumer interaction?
  • How can businesses create more lasting value for their consumers?
  • Why should brands and corporations focus their energies on being more socially relevant with their businesses?

With increasing interconnectedness and shrinking global boundaries, it’s an exciting time for businesses to evolve and innovate.

In this issue of the People’s Insights monthly brief, we look at 10 inspiring innovations in the space of Mobile, Citizenship and Personalization.


Reaching the Evolving Mobile Audience

While active presence on the web is high on every brand’s communication agenda, an increasing number of companies are now waking up to the next big platform of advertising –mobile.

Making brand communication mobile-friendly has become essential in order to reach the tech-savvy, on-the-go and very busy consumer of today.

Here are five companies that are tapping the mobile and app market cleverly:

  1. Under Armour – Sports apparel giant Under Armour acquires apps in the health and fitness market, giving it an enviable edge of being in the possession of large amounts of relevant data from its target audience.
  2. SAP’s TwoGo  – With its carpooling app for working professionals, SAP takes a strategic step towards more meaningful relations with its customers.
  3. Bellabeat – There are more pregnancy-related apps in use today than from any other category. Launching aesthetically pleasing pregnancy monitoring products with mobile apps, Bellabeat aims to redefine prenatal care.
  4. UberChopper – A case study in reputation rebuilding as international car service company Uber launches chopper services via its app in its city of shame, New Delhi.
  5. Snapchat’s Literally Can’t Even – This young app, with its innovative original video series on the mobile, sets the ball rolling for newer ways of content marketing.

Despite all its benefits, the mobile, due to its association with the selfie stick – the gadget of the hour – is currently in trouble with museums across the USA. An increasing number of museums are banning the use of selfie sticks in their premises. Will this move affect visitor footfall?


Doing Good

It isn’t enough today to talk to audiences about your brand; they want their brands to be more than the products and services they represent.  Millennials, especially, demand sustainable and responsible growth from organizations.

In the People’s Insights reportThe Future of Business Citizenship, we found that 83% of the 8,000 Millennials surveyed expect businesses to be at the forefront in addressing social issues and being active agents of social change. 72% of them want businesses to place as much importance on their social impact as on internal profits.

Here are three examples of organizations that are going beyond traditional CSR to make a bigger impact.

  1. Carlsberg’s ‘Green’ Beer Bottles – Beverage giant Carlsberg ups its green quotient with its plans to create a fully biodegradable wood-fibre bottle for its beverages, moving towards a circular economy.
  2. The UAE Government’s Drones Project– The UAE Government establishes itself as a thought leader with its Drones For Good Award – an initiative to change the perception of drones and find more positive use cases, by inviting ideas from across the world.
  3. United Nations and Their 805 Million Names– The UN’s World Food Programme gets its message across with its thought-provoking new campaign – the 805 Million Names Project. A well-executed and innovative collaboration with soccer star ZlatanIbrahimović makes it one of the WFP’s most buzz-creating campaigns.


Making Customization a Priority

Not every consumer is alike; needs, expectations and attitudes differ from one consumer to the next. More and more brands are customizing services to meet individual requirements:

  1. Health information in Google’s search results – With medical information so freely available on the Internet, self-diagnosis and self-medication is a rising trend. To help people diagnose themselves better and take the necessary treatment measures, Google plans to introduce superior, more accurate and customized medical information in its search results.
  2. Workspring by Marriott – White-cubicled offices are not the norm anymore. New-age workspaces with cutting-edge designs are what Millennials desire, and Marriott with its customized workspace ‘Workspring’ caters to this new and powerful workforce.

We’d love to hear your take on these approaches. Do share your thoughts with us at @PeoplesLab on Twitter. You can also reach out to us on Twitter @msl_group.


Melanie Joe

Melanie Joe

Melanie is Consultant - Research and Insights at MSLGROUP, based in Mumbai. She tracks inspiring initiatives in the digital space for People's Insights.

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