Introducing the Third Issue of People’s Insights Quarterly Magazine

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We are delighted to share the third issue of the People’s Insights Quarterly Magazine with you.

The People’s Insights Quarterly Magazine pulls together the best insights from our Insights Network, in which 100+ thinkers and planners within MSLGROUP share and discuss inspiring projects on citizenship, crowdsourcing and storytelling on a private network created on our proprietary People’s Lab crowdsourcing platform. Every week, we pick up one project and do a deep dive into conversations around it — on the MSLGROUP Insights Network itself but also on the broader social web — to distill insights and foresights.

We started with the belief that some of the most inspiring projects that are shaping marketing and communications are at the intersection of citizenship, crowdsourcing and storytelling. Nine months, thirty-nine weekly insights reports, and three quarterly magazines later, we feel our intuition is validated.

In the third issue of the People’s Insights Quarterly Magazine, we look at thirteen inspiring projects at the intersection of citizenship, crowdsourcing and storytelling. Many of these projects build upon at least two of the three drivers, using powerful stories to inspire crowds to take action and drive change.


– How CNN and Facebook are encouraging discussions around the upcoming U.S. elections on social media with their I’m Voting Facebook app, and tapping into the insights and power of crowds.
– How Chase has built a community of change agents, by empowering people to make a difference in their local and national communities.


– How the McDonalds Mein Burger campaign became a successful formula to crowdsource product innovation and tap into niche online communities across Europe.
– How apps like Foodspotting are crowdsourcing photos and reviews of dishes, and changing the way people engage with, share, and discover food.
– How platforms like Kickstarter and LoudSauce are empowering people to fund projects that they are passionate about, and empowering thinkers, inventors, artists and activists to achieve their visions.
– How brands like Anthon Berg, Coca Cola and Alpenliebe are crowdsourcing and spreading generosity, happiness and kindness in Denmark, the Americas and in China.


– How NASA, Nike and Free Pussy Riot, a group of global activists, used transmedia storytelling and inspire people to dream, achieve personal goals and unite to drive change.
– How SuperBetter is merging story and gaming to motivate people to meet their health and lifestyle goals, reach out to their friends and strangers online for support, and have fun.

In the coming weeks, we will continue to track inspiring projects at the intersection of citizenship, crowdsourcing and storytelling. We will also synthesize the underlying trends and their implications for global marketing and communications professionals into an annual report, which we will release in January 2013.

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Nidhi Chimnani

Nidhi Chimnani

Nidhi is Director of Research and Insights at MSLGROUP. She tracks digital consumer trends for People’s Insights and is community manager of MSLGROUP’s insights community SPRINT. Tweet her at @nidhichimnani

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