Johnnie Walker + 99Taxis: #SmartPartnerships

A number of taxi service apps have sprung up in the past few years, like Uber, Lyft, and Easy Taxi.

While they essentially provide the same service, most of the companies have their own distinct features and compete with each other to offer the most value to customers.

We’re beginning to see brands partner with these apps, to delight customers (as Uber often does) or to deliver on their brand promise. A collaboration in Brazil between Johnnie Walker and taxi service company 99Taxis does both.

Called Hoje Não Dirijo(which translates to ‘No Driving Today’), the program offers discounts for partygoers who use 99Taxis at specific hours on weekends, encouraging people to keep their cars at home while going out to drink.


Given that Brazil’s taxi fares are among the steepest in the world, it can be expensive for regular partygoers to hire taxis to go home. As a result, driving while under the influence of alcohol can be quite common.

Johnnie Walker used this as an opportunity to sponsor a solution. The brand partnered with Brazil’s largest taxi fleet 99Taxis, which has more than 50,000 licensed drivers, to offer discounts to partygoers. Customers could avail discounts every Friday and Saturday, between 9 pm and 4 am.

The results?

The collaboration was a success, and the discounts covered 1 million miles. The program has proved so successful it’s that currently in its third 3rd season.

Hoje Não Dirijo is a great example of how brands can leverage disruption and people’s new behaviours to make an impact.

This post is a part of our monthly People’s Insights brief for March – Part 1: The Mobile & Wearable Web

Melanie Joe

Melanie Joe

Melanie is Consultant - Research and Insights at MSLGROUP, based in Mumbai. She tracks inspiring initiatives in the digital space for People's Insights.

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    Smart Partnerships – Win-Win for all: Johnnie Walker & Brazil’s taxi fleet #99Taxis team up for responsible drinking:

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    With the right idea, big business & #startups can be a smart team: Johnnie Walker + 99Taxis: #collaboration #Brazil


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