Marriott’s Workspring

‘A day at the office’ today looks a whole lot different than it did decades ago. As professional lives see shifts from the mundane to the more interesting, workspaces aren’t left behind.

As the trend is veering towards alternative workspaces, cubicles are being replaced by more innovative designs.

Catching up to the need for workspaces that offer more flexibility, Marriott Hotels & Resorts, the signature brand of Marriott International, has introduced ‘Workspring’ – a new-age meeting space for small and large business groups as well as individuals.


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Collaborating with workspace design expert Steelcase, Marriott provides integrated spaces and common areas in Workspring. With features like ergonomic seating, natural light and individual as well as community spaces, the aim is to create a work environment that’s highly conducive to creative productivity.

A combined survey by WIRED and Marriott Hotels & Resorts says that 48% of the people they polled feel they are more productive when they work remotely, while others felt they have unmet needs when working remotely.

The New-Age Workspace

The survey results clearly show that more and more people are embracing the working-without-boundaries style, and expect workspaces that facilitate a transformation in how they meet, collaborate and innovate. This holds true especially for Millennials, who come with a different set of work ethics than previous generations.

The demand for the inspired workspace will continue to rise, and Marriott’s offering with Workspring couldn’t have come at a better time. Adapting workspaces that have the potential to lead to better employee productivity and wellness is a priority corporations need to make.

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This post is a part of our People’s Insights brief for January-February 2015 – Inspiring Innovations


Melanie Joe

Melanie Joe

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