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Keeping up with the merging of market disciplines, the fast evolving technology and digital channels, requires a new type of communications professional. This is the challenge agencies face and to meet the needs, they need to change.

But how do you make a whole organization adapt to and embrace change? MSLGROUP Millennials Jesper Jarl (Sweden), Heidi Wold (Sweden) & Alice Hu (Asia) share their perspective.

Change as a way of working

Millennials are the first to live a life powered by pervasive technology. It’s not just one piece of technology; it’s not static – it’s ever-evolving and changing the way we interact with the world. Adapting to this technological change has been woven into the DNA of Millennials’ lives. We come from, and live in an age of communication evolution.

No longer can organizations have silos separating communications functions: advertising, public relations, digital, etc. With marketing disciplines merging, there is a strong need for the specialist and the generalist or rather a “specialized generalist” if you will. Someone with a strong digital perspective, but who lives and understands integrated marketing communications.

There are two ways to go; let everyone go except Millennials, or, teach the organization to embrace change. We’re opting for number two.

A massive shift and change in perspective; the understanding that we need to change how we view public relations, but keeping true to our PR roots and evolving it to its next stage requires motivation and a methodology.

MSLGROUP is hoping to motivate employees and incorporate change into our DNA and we’re launching a company-wide initiative to ignite change.

MSL 2The #MSLChange campaign will be a cultural and knowledge exchange program that will inspire people to share ideas, trends and technology.

During our initial digital brainstorm, we joked about using the concept of “chatroulette” to fuel change within MSLGROUP. But as we thought about it, it quickly became a serious, tangible idea. Building on the idea of random connections facilitated by video from the infamous “chatroulette,” sprung the #MSLChange campaign


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