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Outdoor clothing and gear maker Patagonia is known for promoting reuse of its products. This unique position has helped in several ways: it extends the life cycle of its products and keeps them out of landfills; it establishes Patagonia wear as durable; and it caters to an eco-conscious audience.

Worn Wear swap

In 2013, Patagonia partnered with eBay to create the Common Threads initiative, and encouraged people to buy and sell used Patagonia goods on eBay. For Black Friday 2013, Patagonia partnered with IFixIt to co-publish free repair guides for Patagonia clothing and invited customers to get their Patagonia wear repaired in-store.

Worn Wear

This year, Patagonia partnered with swapping app Yerdle to celebrate what they call Worn Wear. In a short video, Patagonia celebrated worn clothing, with athletes talking about the trust they place in clothing they have worn on previous adventures and the superstition they associate with their “lucky” clothes.

Patagonia called on people to ‘swap’ their Worn Wear through the Yerdle app rather than throw it away. Through the app, people could swap used items for “Yerdle” credit and spend these on other items.

Yerdle worn wear

For Black Friday, Patagonia partnered with Yerdle to host 8 swap parties at select stores. People could bring in “Patagonia-like” clothing and swap it for Patagonia Worn Wear or Yerdle credit; a nice way to bring people in to stores, while sticking to the eco angle. People could also join the action on Twitter – by sharing their worn wear stories they could win Yerdle credit.

Watch the Video: Worn Wear® Stories | Presented by Patagonia

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