People’s Insights Volume 1, Issue 25: Kyck

Kyck is a social network that connects football fans across the world by enabling them to share content and the latest news. Fans can also share their views on live games in real-time.

As mentioned on Technology Cafe blog:

Whether you call it fútbol, soccer, or football, with KYCK, you’ll discover an experience around the sport like none other. KYCK delivers you the most relevant content, connects you with like-minded fans, and brings you all the action of every match, making the beautiful game even more enjoyable.

The advantage of a dedicated network, compared to a Facebook page or a Twitter account, is that moderators have more control. Developers can customise the community to make it more football-friendly and with engagement features. There are fewer restrictions on owned social networks.

Also, a commitment towards an app or a new social network does a lot more for a brand than a mere ‘like’ on Facebook.

Football is massive in the social space, so it makes sense to leverage its popularity through a dedicated portal.

Kyck is currently invite-only, although the team urges users to ask for an invite, which usually gets answered in a day. Alternatively, users can ping Kyck on Twitter, expressing a wish to sign up by using the hashtag #KYCKme.

Chances are that a tweet will lead to the request getting accepted sooner.

Once Kyckers have registered, they can start off by making a 140-character ‘kyck’, which is similar to a tweet.

Users can share photos, videos and other media on their feeds or reshare a kyck. They can also share kycks on Twitter and Facebook.

As soon as users start kycking about an existing team or player, auto tags get generated. For instance, if you kyck about Mario Balotelli and Pirlo running the show in Italy vs Germany, tags such as ‘Pirlo’ , ‘Balotelli’, ‘Italy’ and ‘Germany’ get generated.

These tags are useful for visibility.

‘Top Kycks’ generates posts related to a user’s favourite team or player. Users can select their favourites along with those they want to follow.

The Top Kycks algorithm prioritises posts (photos, comments, notes) related to the user’s favourite team and players in a Pinterest-like layout.
Users can also follow others to get their kycks on the home feed.

Mashable writer Sam Laird wrote:

A Top Kycks section, meanwhile, delivers content the app’s algorithm deems most relevant to you for quick browsing according to the favorites you list in your profile. Checking in to specific club or international matches means you get game updates and stats delivered within the app or via push notification.
The algorithm is modelled on the lines of Pandora. It is vital that a user selects the right teams and players to follow, in order to have the most relevant content on his/her Top Kycks stream.

Kyckers can continue the conversation during matches in ‘Events’. Each live match is listed as an event.

Users can join events to get related notifications and to contribute to the discussion forum. Notifications include kycks, score updates, starting line-ups and live stats.

‘Events’ is a combination of a live match feed on BBC/Sky Sports/Goal and a social stream that aggregates conversations related to the match.

Just like a live feed on BBC Sport, there is minute-by-minute text commentary, stats, number of shots, possession and passes updated on the page by Kyck’s content specialists.

Football enthusiasts can get all the live action and buzz without having to switch from a SkySports/ESPN Soccer Net website to a Twitter/football forum.

Kyck is a socially enabled media platform providing discovery, curation, consumption and distribution of content and products giving users a 360-degree football content experience.

A Kyck user said on CrossWalk 

Love the simplicity and ease, yet full of detail and discovery. A must have for all soccer fans and those that want to be!”

Founder Jason Yarborough said:

We have created a platform that allows all futbol fans around the world to interact with each other during live matches. It is my hope that this will help bring futbol fans around the world together.

With following, posting, liking, commenting, sharing and streaming, Kyck incorporates matches and squads into the network and gives fans the ability to use tags to direct and engage specific conversations (such as #Gooooooooooal).

Kyck incorporates features from Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and even Tumblr.

As far as the stream is concerned,  Kyck resembles Twitter and Tumblr:

Whether photos, comments on live matches or takes on club or international squads — (sic : They )are delivered to a stream that resembles something of a cross between Twitter and Tumblr feeds.

The home feed resembles Facebook more than Twitter, with users able to comment, like and share Kycks displayed on the stream.

Kyck released an iOS app for the mobile market and will soon launch an Android version.

Competitors include Football Meister, Football Social Club and ScoreMobile FC App.

Football Meister is a social network and mobile app that focuses on predicting results for club and international competitions. Users can form circles and compete with friends to win badges and trophies.

Football Social Club is for players to organise a game, team or tournament with other teams close by.

Scoremobile FC is an app that gives live scores and text commentary on all the matches around the world.

As Mehdi Thierry, CEO and co founder of said:

Kyck stands out by being a far more social network than all its competitors

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