Snapchat’s ‘Literally Can’t Even’ Series

Consumer attention spans are getting shorter and shorter, and Snapchat’s latest venture into video content drives home this very point.

Called ‘Literally Can’t Even’, the social networking site’s new original web series is a part of Snapchat Discover – a digital property set up for creative content promotion.

What makes it unique is the length of each episode (4 and a half minutes) and that they self-delete 24 hours after their release.

The scripted show, written by and starring Sasha Spielberg and Emily Goldwyn, daughters of legendary filmmakers Steven Spielberg and John Goldwyn, follows the lives of the two protagonists around Los Angeles.

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Only two episodes into its release, the series is already a topic of discussion. While reviews range from applause to disappointment, Snapchat seems to be confident in its content marketing venture.

Most of the active Snapchat community is made up of teenagers and women, and the brand is targeting their content directly to them. Its split-screen presentation, meanwhile, is an unprecedented step in mobile content marketing, giving it an almost pioneer status.

Negative reviews notwithstanding, this attempt at in-house content creation is a smart step by Snapchat, making it future competition for bigwigs like Hulu, Netflix and Amazon.

2015 will see several apps revolutionizing content marketing, and Snapchat seems to have set it in motion.

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Melanie Joe

Melanie Joe

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