Snapchat’s Recruitment Strategy

Snapchat has no dearth of fans – it has 100 million monthly active users. The company decided to tap into its user base to find its next crop of employees, with clever use of its geofilter feature.

*Filters are designs or messages that you can add on top of your photos; Geofilters are specific filters created for specific locations.

For its recruitment drive, Snapchat created new geofilters targeting people at special locations in Silicon Valley – the offices of tech companies Uber, Twitter, Pinterest and Airbnb. Each geofilter was customized to the company. For example, people at Pinterest saw the message “Feeling pinned down?” while people at the Uber office saw “This place driving you mad?”

The tongue-in-cheek filters were accompanied by a link to
















“Playful” Recruiting

Snapchat spokesperson Jill Hazelbaker calls the move “a unique and playful form of recruiting.” And it doesn’t seem as harmful as Uber’s attempt to poach drivers from Lyft last year (more on that here).

While some are calling Snapchat’s strategy sneaky, it does seem quite clever and well-thought-out. After all, what better place to look for potential employees than among some of today’s best tech companies?

Was a line crossed?

Although scouring other companies’/competitors’ talent pool to look for prospective employees is a common practice, Snapchat sets a precedent with its cheeky yet innovative use of its own app to invite people to come on board.

While most employees of the targeted companies merely pointed the filters out, some had cheeky reactions of their own (see hereand here).

What do you think? Was a line crossed? Or has Snapchat set a new creative standard for how companies can and should be creative in reaching out to potential prospects?


This post is a part of our People’s Insights Monthly Brief for May, Tech Innovation – Friend or Foe?

Melanie Joe

Melanie Joe

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