Soyez Net sur le Net

In an effort to spread awareness about how much personal information is freely available to the public via social networking sites, the city of Paris tied up with insurer MAIF and the Reputation Squad to launch the second edition of Soyez Net sur le Net (be on the net).

A year ago, the initiative allowed people to evaluate their exposure and image via Facebook. This year, it includes a similar test for Twitter users. The website also includes an explanation of the privacy settings of the two social networks and a ‘how to guide’ to change settings.

To date, over 450 000 people have taken the test.

The Tests

To test your reputation, the website first asks you to sign in with your social network account. Each test then asks you 11 questions and gives you a score based on your answer.

The Twitter test begins with a challenging question: identify people who follow you and who you follow in return. Then some questions to gauge your awareness of what data is public – like the favorites you may bookmark to read later. Next, the test displays your bio, statuses, images, RTs, hashtags and location data – and asks if you’re comfortable sharing this data publicly. Finally, a task to distinguish between fake and verified accounts.

Soyez Net sur le Net test 5

The Faceebook test is slightly similar. You’re asked to match friend names with their photos, go through some of your past Likes to see if they still reflect your personality, and create an event with specific privacy settings. Perhaps the most entertaining part is when your past status messages are displayed on a billboard advertising… a work meeting… and at your school, along with the question: would this make you feel uncomfortable?

the facebook test

Some questions also quiz your awareness of the processes in place to take down inappropriate content.

The tests are both fun and educating – they certainly make you stop and think about what you’re putting out there and what’s actually accessible to others.


To encourage people to share their test results and inspire others to take the test, the campaign introduces the hashtag #matetequandjevoismonscore (# my face after I saw my score) on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.


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Nidhi Chimnani

Nidhi Chimnani

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    450,000 people tested their e-reputations with Soyez Net sur le Net, launched by the city of @Paris and insurer MAIF

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    French insurer MAIF encourages Parisians to keep an eye on their online reputations #fromthearchives


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