TD Bank – #MakeTodayMatter

This post is a part of our People’s Insights monthly brief for November, called “Disrupt, or be Disrupted.”

A few days before Thanksgiving, TD Bank unveiled its #MakeTodayMatter campaign. Throughout the month of November, the bank selected 24 people and offered them up to $30,000 to serve their communities within the next 24 hours.

These people were nominated by local bank employees or selected after interviews at branches in the U.S. and Canada. They each came up with their own way to give back, and with the help of TD’s funds and resources, brought their visions to life.

A video featuring the behind-the-scenes of these projects and reactions of community members was shared online. Within a week, the video received 3.5 million views and – more importantly – positive reactions. All 24 stories and projects are shared on TD’s website.

TD Bank MakeTodayMatter

Why this approach?

Apart from being a great way to stand out from the typical Black Friday messaging (BUY SHOP DISCOUNT NOW!), #MakeTodayMatter is also rooted in an interesting insight. According to Tim Hockey, President and CEO of TD Canada Trust:

“A recent TD survey found that roughly 70 per cent of people said they are inspired to give back when they witness a good deed.”

TD’s goal was to kickstart the good deeds and inspire more people to give back around the holidays.

Watch the video: 24 people. 24 days. 24 communities.

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Nidhi Chimnani

Nidhi Chimnani

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