Together Works Better: Activating the People’s Network

By Nathalie Szwagrzyk, Global HR Project Manager at MSLGROUP. This article was first published in the People’s Insights magazine The Future of Employee (Re)Engagement, and is re-published below.


At MSLGROUP we celebrate creative, agile and entrepreneurial talent. We attract and retain people who are ready to push boundaries and embrace the change that our industry is undergoing.

As a young network we also face the challenge of uniting very diverse offices across the 22 countries in which we operate. To foster international collaboration as well as a family spirit we created Together Works Better (TWB) in 2009, the very first year that MSLGROUP was launched. TWB is a ‘home-made’ internal competition that brings our corporate mantra to life and engages with our 3,400 employees, so they realize that each and everyone of them contributes to shaping the future of the company.

Together Works Better ultimately guides the network in its transformation from traditional PR to a creative, digital, Peopleís Relations agency.

Celebrating The People’s Network

Connecting People to The Business Strategy

As part of the competition, teams are given a specific brief ñ to put together a big idea for clients in a 2-minute video. The criteriato win are linked to our companyís vision: big ideas should be rooted in insights, use digital, apply globally and transform into ROI for clients.

We are proud to say that many ideas from this internal crowdsourcing actually turn into real business opportunities!

Besides connecting our people to the business strategy, TWB pushes them to creatively package their stories, paving the way for more engaging proposals for clients. It helps employees to think out of the box and explore new creative ideas for clients. Beyond engaging employees, TWB grooms our talent into becoming better creative storytellers.

It is also a great way to integrate new agencies by showing them the advantage of being part of our network: global capabilities & endless opportunities to extend our business.

Celebrating The People’s Network

This year, 130 participants from 31 offices teamed up and submitted 48 entries. The prize? 8 winning teams got to travel to an MSLGROUP office of their choice.

These trips enable employees to truly experience our ‘People’s Network,’ creating both long-lasting partnership across offices as well as friendships. It even triggered a growing interest towards our Mobility Programme.

Schwartz MSL San Francisco visited by a TWB team from Stockholm & Shanghai!
Schwartz MSL San Francisco visited by a TWB team from Stockholm & Shanghai!

Embracing the collaboration and family spirit of the competition, MSLGROUP Denmark released a promotional video to attract the winners to their office, realizing that being a host office can also be fun and rewarding. Watch for yourself ñ who wouldnít want to meet them?

Together Works Better in Copenhagen

Most of the teams blogged about their trip on the MSLGROUP TWB Facebook page which has now hundreds of members and is also regularly fuelled by employees on team events. Other teams shared their TWB journey on Twitter, Pinterest or company blogs.

Together Work’s Better is about building a positive engagement towards MSLGROUP. It inspires the network to push boundaries, create connections and celebrate international collaboration.

We already look forward to working on the 2014 Edition, which will have a special focus on rooting a successful knowledge-sharing culture.

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