Toyota Try My Hybrid

This post is part of the People’s Insights monthly briefs issue of February 2014.

To gain new customers in Norway, Toyota turned to its existing base of satisfied customers. The company reached out to its Facebook community and invited Toyota owners to let their friends, neighbours and strangers test-drive their hybrids.

300 customers agreed and their profiles, locations and car model were posted online at Car buyers could search for cars near them via web and mobile, and could test drive cars with Prius owners.

Toyota filmed the responses and share them as web videos, which captured 2 million views.

Watch the videoTryMyHybrid

As Adverblog’s Ana summarizes it, the campaign is a “great example of brand transparency, community activation, brand ambassador program and loyalty all mixed up together in one.

Others applaud the campaign for tapping into its base of customers and turning them into advocates – especially in an age when people trust one another more than they trust one-way brand messages.


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Nidhi Chimnani

Nidhi Chimnani

Nidhi is Director of Research and Insights at MSLGROUP. She tracks digital consumer trends for People’s Insights and is community manager of MSLGROUP’s insights community SPRINT. Tweet her at @nidhichimnani

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