As a brand, international car service company Uber is known to be innovative in its communication efforts, and it has been pushing the boundaries with each campaign.

Teaming up with EuroCopter, Uber provided chopper services for couples on Valentine’s Day, in New Delhi, India. This comes on the tail of its hugely successful chopper service to the Hamptons in the U.S.

Though a first in New Delhi, Uber had similar services in Mumbai and Bengaluru over Father’s Day in 2014.



Read Uber’s announcement of the offering here

Click here for the promo video

The US-based taxi service has been in the news recently for the alleged misconduct with a female passenger in New Delhi.

The brand’s new offering, in the wake of this incident might seem like a gamble, but it seems to be working in Uber’sfavour. Consumers (men and women) are beginning to welcome back the brand.

Banned on the roads, Uber has taken to the skies in New Delhi to win its consumers back, and it’s a bold move that may help repair its reputation. It’ll be interesting to watch how this affects the brand’s long-term image with old as well as potential consumers.

This post is a part of our People’s Insights brief for January-February 2015 – Inspiring Innovations

Melanie Joe

Melanie Joe

Melanie is Consultant - Research and Insights at MSLGROUP, based in Mumbai. She tracks inspiring initiatives in the digital space for People's Insights.

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