World’s Toughest Job

Building the intrigue: Why is this the worst job ever?

We’ve all heard of the World’s Best Job… now comes the World’s Toughest Job.

The online job listing for the position, Director of Operations at Rehtom Inc., received 2.7 million impressions from paid ad placements but only 24 applications. A video compilation of their interviews was released with the title “World’s Toughest Job,” and received 17 million views in under a month.

Surrounded by stories of student debt, unemployment and slow growth, people were evidently very curious to know what the World’s Toughest Job would involve.

Watch the video: World’s Toughest Job

The Interviews

The video shows a representative from Rehtom explain the job demands and ‘benefits’ to  the interviewees and captures their reactions to clauses like Work Around the Clock with a Happy Disposition, Zero Salary and No Vacation. The reactions range from shock, outrage and incredulity – one interviewee even asks if this kind of job is legal.

As a viewer, you wait for the twist – after all, this can’t be a real position. As the suspense builds up, your first reaction is to think it’s a social awareness campaign for people under poverty. Indeed, when the interviewer defends the job by saying billions of people work under these conditions, you balk at the number – billions?

The aha-moment comes when he reveals their identity – moms. The interviewees break down at this point, realizing the truth of the reveal, and sharing memories of their moms.

The final twist – the organization behind the video isn’t a brand like P&G or Dove, but actually greeting card company Cardstore reminding you to wish your mom a Happy Mother’s Day.

Involving viewers

To leverage the momentum, Cardstore introduced the hashtag #WorldsToughestJob and asked people to list responsibilities of the toughest job and share why moms are professionals of the highest order.  Cardstore received some interesting and humorous tweets as mommy bloggers joined the fun.

Our favorite ‘responsibility’ was the “ability to break out in song at any given moment.”


A deeper connection

In addition to the light-hearted tweets, Cardstore was also able to connect with viewers on a deeper emotional level.

Several viewers shared stories about their own moms on social networks and online sites. One viewers wrote about how he lost his mom few years back and how she was a huge support in his life. Another listed the qualities of their mom expressing that no one could take over their role ever.

In this way, Cardstore was able to achieve its ultimate goal – inspire people to celebrate moms and move them to thank their moms.


“Director of Whatever” parody by Bud Light to celebrate Dads

While Cardstore lost the opportunity to thank dads – as many bloggers criticized – Bud Light stepped in with a parody video to fill that gap.

Bud Light’s video introduces the position Director of Whatever and ends with a suggestion that you “grab a beer with your dad” this weekend.

Watch the video: Bud Light #UpForWhatever

Jobs + Videos = Ingredients for Going Viral?

In our last issue of the People’s Insights monthly briefs, we featured Selfies as an ingredient for viral success (for boosting both awareness and participation). Now, we’re inspired to add videos about jobs and employers to the list.

This post is a part of the People’s Insights monthly brief for April + May.

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